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How Jessica Alba is Putting You Front and Center

What’s in this article:

  • Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company made its debut on the NASDAQ exchange May 5
  • The actress and businesswomen used social media and digital marketing to drive sales to her company founded in 2011
  • Today the brand is evaluated at $1.44 billion – and being customer-centric is part of the reason

“I feel like this is where we really dig into this next phase of growth, and this is really the beginning for us in a lot of ways,” Jessica Alba said about the initial public offering of the company she co-founded – The Honest Company.

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The company that started off selling chemical-free, clean, and natural diapers for babies shortly after the birth of Alba’s first child is now priced at $16 per share and traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Not bad for The Fantastic Four and Honey actress!

So how did it all roll through?

Finding the right customers/target audience

When Alba and its partners first started the company in 2011, it focused on a certain type of consumer. Those who are concerned about the environment’s well-being and the ingredients going into the products they consume.

Now, everyone is aware of how they can live a better life and decrease their ecological footprint. While more and more consumers care about safety, health, and sustainability daily.

These are also the values that Gen Z cares about. So, it really spans across a huge demographic and every touchpoint in their life.

Honest knows how to adapt and cater to each of its customers wherever they are in their path to provide them with a personal and relevant shopping experience.

Leveraging social media to build a strong community

The beauty and baby brand drives sales and leverages a large customer base by strategically using its social media channels.

“Social media has been a strategic marketing channel for us,” Alba said in a recent CNBC interview.

“It is where we build a community, and from day one, having that engagement with the community is core to one of our values with what we’re building.”

The actress and businesswomen use her private accounts to promote the brand further:


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Though the Hollywood A-lister is the face of the brand (see LinkedIn posts below), she has never been shy to reach out to social media’s top influencers over the years (See IG posts below that).



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Roughly 55% of its sales come from digital orders made through third-party platforms like Walmart, Amazon, or its own D2C website, while 45% of sales come from retail.

“The success of our business is largely dependent on our continuing development of strong relationships with major retail chains,” Honest acknowledged.

Overall, The Honest Company is omnichannel oriented and is meeting its customers wherever it fits them. That’s one customer-centricity strategy that is clearly paying off.

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