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How Banana Republic Is Increasing Footfall In 2021

What’s in this article:

  • Three strategies Banana Republic, from the Gap family of brands, is using to bring customers back to stores
  • How marketers are working through challenges and what they envision for the future

As we come to grips with a post-COVID world, brands across the country are trying to think of innovative ways to increase footfall and drive in-store sales. After a year’s long pandemic, this task might be easier said than done.

In a recent eMarketer’s Industry Voices spotlight with Jen Mullen, Vice President and Head Of Stores at Banana Republic, we gain insight into how Banana Republic is rightfully going about it.

Implementing In-Store Changes

The fact that stores were closed for most of last year caused marketers to re-think their plans. As for Banana Republic, this includes implementing changes to its shops:

  • Increased cleaning/sanitation
  • Health guards at checkout
  • Physical distance marks
  • Customer/employee mask requirements
  • Wash and sanitize hand stations
  • Complete employee health checks at the start of each shift

To strengthen relationships throughout the pandemic, the brand increased communications with customers on its digital channels. This strategy gave Banana Republic flexibility as stores finally re-open.

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“We really have focused a lot on evolving our marketing to where our customer is, and when we were closed, we only could talk to the customer online,” Mullen said.

“So, the way that we approached our emails and social media channels was with a lot of care and really connecting with her where she was, or him where he was – and ensuring that the emails specified where we were in our journey.”

Utilizing Social Media

As people get more comfortable going back to work, it was important for Banana Republic to quickly shift their marketing strategy to address that, especially as a workwear brand.

On Twitter, the retailer told customers to say goodbye to the sweats

In addition to its unique, targeted messaging – Banana Republic introduced the ART OF WORK workwear collection – “an evolution of style where classic designs meet creative expression.”

Finally, providing customers with a great brand experience and frictionless omnichannel experience is also part of the brand’s marketing strategy. Which leads us to…

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Banana Republic started a mobile coupon campaign to drive more traffic in stores. According to Retail Dive, the campaign revolves around banner ads promoting 10% off customers’ next in-store purchase. When clicking on the corner of the banner, Banana Republic shows customers nearby store locations.

On the other hand, the brand sees a lot of traction, specifically in the middle of the country – perhaps where there’s less access to brick-and-mortar locations. Therefore, Banana Republic targets those customers who might have a store void and takes this as an opportunity to convert them into online shoppers.

Instore changes, conversating on social media, and using mobile coupons are all part of Banana Republic’s marketing strategy to increase footfall in 2021. Now, that’s how the art of style collides with the art of marketing.

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