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From Big Data to Big Ops with Scott Brinker

It’s the best news you’ve heard all year!

Our new podcast — Revenue Innovators — is coming to your eyes and ears this summer.

Your hosts are none other than Outreach’s Mary Shea (VP, Global Innovation Evangelist) and Harish Mohan (SVP, Revenue Excellence & Operations).

But wait, what are revenue innovators? So glad you asked. Mary Shea defines this term in her recent article Unleash: A New Cohort of Revenue Innovators Comes of Age:

noun — a new cohort of revenue leaders who put buyers at the center of their strategies, who arm their sellers with the most innovative sales technologies, and who over-index on data, rather than intuition to inform their business decisions.

Mary and Harish are going to talk to a diverse range of innovative revenue leaders, from a wide span of industries, about the evolution of the buyer-centric market.

Keep your eyes on our Revenue Operations Channel for the latest updates on the show launch!

In the meantime, we’re getting the conversation started with a handful of experts to learn about how they’re thinking about RevOps and the larger RevOps economy.

Today, we’re excited to share highlights from our interview with Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot.

Please enjoy!


  • Get a peek into Scott’s exciting role at Hubspot [1:06]
  • Revenue Operations is a capability and a culture [2:30]
  • Changes in the market that have brought RevOps to the forefront [4:25]
  • The journey from big data to big ops [5:42]
  • When is RevOps technology going to consolidate? [9:25]
  • Scott’s RevOps nirvana state [11:50]
  • How Hubspot is thinking about RevOps today [12:54]
  • Get good at RevOps before your competitors do [13:50]

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