Daily SEO Fix: Advanced Keyword Explorer Metrics and Reporting Tips

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Ranking highly for a keyword you’ve been targeting is a great feeling. However, it’s crucial to ensure that ranking will actually benefit you.

The keywords you target should be relevant to your business and have the ability to increase organic traffic and drive conversions. But how do you determine which keywords are going to be of value?

In these Daily SEO Fix videos, we show you how you can use Moz’s keyword metrics to help you evaluate how much of an impact ranking for certain keywords will have.

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Using keyword metrics to analyze a list of keywords

In this video, Emilie shows you how to find out the average monthly volume, difficulty score, organic CTR, and priority within a keyword list.

You can use this information to examine the overall keyword metrics for a specific topic area and to pinpoint the most common SERP features.

Importing CSV to Keyword Explorer

Keyword research often involves collating data from a variety of sources. For example, you may be using a spreadsheet from a client alongside your own keyword research.

The data you have gathered can be pieced together to give you a clearer understanding of the value and relevance of your keywords.

Maddie shows you how to import a CSV of your own keywords into Moz Pro. You can use them to create a keyword list or you can track them in your campaign.

Keyword Explorer: Advanced Exporting Tips

Exporting a keyword list from Keyword Explorer will allow you to analyze your keyword data in a spreadsheet.

In this Daily SEO Fix, Emilie will explain how you can filter and export a CSV of your keyword list and show you what insights you can take from it.

Advanced Google Sheets Metrics Look Up

In this video, Jo shows you how to merge keyword data from Moz Pro with your existing keyword data.

This can be particularly helpful if you’re using a variety of data sources to research keyword opportunities. Adding all of your keywords to a single spreadsheet makes it easier to organize and analyze them.