Building a RevOps Function to Empower Your Sales Team


RevOps isn’t just buzzworthy, it’s a movement.

Sit down with Harish Mohan, Outreach’s SVP of Revenue Excellence and Operations to: — Get past the buzz and dig into what RevOps can do for your org. — Start taking action on building the team that will break down silos. — Deliver better experiences for your buyers and a better working environment for your teams.

Get action-packed advice on creating your RevOps functions, leveraging your current teams to take on these functions, and hiring for the skills you need.

Harish Mohan – SVP of Revenue Excellence & OperationsOutreach


  • Evolution of RevOps [1:30]
  • The customers journey prior to SaaS [9:25]
  • Buyers time is important [9:55]
  • Common challenges with new opportunities [12:05]
  • What are the key metrics we want to achieve [17:15]
  • 4 key areas for RevOps [19:26]
  • How to involve Revenue Operations [24:20]
  • Action Plan [27:04]
  • Future of RevOps [39:37]

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