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Decathlon’s New Competitive Advantage: Actually Helping Customers

What’s in this article:

  • Decathlon UK launched its sustainability initiative, Second Life, to “inspire positive change for the planet and its people”
  • The sports retailer also promotes a “Sport Makes the World Better” campaign
  • Decathlon’s case in point: physical activity can actually do good for the environment, but it’s just as good for your well-being too

Just in time for Earth Day (April 22), Decathlon has rolled out two initiatives to make the world a better place – showing customers just how environmentally aware they are.

The French sporting goods retail leader has launched its Second Life Project, with the tagline, “For our planet, for your pocket,” to provide customers with attractive and innovative products at low prices.

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The Second Life’s mission is to recycle and repair used sporting equipment and re-sell them online. Once repaired, used gear such as scooters, bikes, tents, and other fitness equipment will be offered at 10%-40% off.

“Our planet is worth protecting, and we all need to accelerate in taking action to reduce our environmental impact. As a business with big production demands, we have to act now. By recycling, repairing, and reusing products, we’re adding another key action to our wider sustainability project,” said Nick Connell, project leader of the Decathlon Second Life project in the UK.

“At the same time, we need to fulfill our company purpose to provide everyone in the UK with access to happier and healthier lifestyles, whether that be physically or financially. Therefore, Second Life will benefit both our planet and our customers’ pockets.”

In 12 months, Decathlon aims to save 40,000kg of CO2 through the project.

Making Customers Feel Physically and Mentally Fit

In its new TV spot, Sport Makes the World Better, Decathlon emphasizes the positive impact of Sport by depicting short clips of people of all ages engaging in various physical activities.

When a family goes out biking together, it makes Sunday better, and when children ski down the mountain, it makes cold weather better… and so Sport is powerful enough to make every activity in life (you guessed it) better.

You can watch it here:

The advert communicates that Sport not only makes you feel mentally happier, but it also encourages customers to be part of that change by engaging in physical activity.

There are many ways brands can promote helpful initiatives, but rarely they are so authentic and true to the brand’s values.

In a week when no one needs to remind sports fans how cynical and money-driven sports brands (teams) can be, it is worthwhile mentioning that authentic, helpful initiatives can be a competitive advantage.

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