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5 Core CRM Values Every Brand Needs to Follow

Many brands fall short when it comes to delivering top value to their customers. Chico’s FAS, the American women’s clothing and accessories retailer, is not on that list of brands.

Instead, the retailer that operates three brands, Soma, Chico’s, and White House Black Market, is committed to creating a customer and product-obsessed brand.

Here’s how.

#1 – Customer Centricity

According to the recent interview with Chico’s FAS CEO and president, Readying Chico’s FAS for Fashion’s New Normal, one of their five core values is Customer Centricity.

“Our customer is at the center of all our decisions, and we aim to ensure we surprise and delight her. That stems from getting it right from a fashion and product perspective,” Molly Langenstein, Chico’s FAS CEO and president.

They achieve this by hiring the right management at each of Chico’s FAS’ brands – people with qualities that include curiosity and respect and those who have a deep understanding of the customer.

#2 – Diversity and Inclusion

D&I in its workforce is very important to Chico’s FAS. The brand only welcomes employees who foster community both in their boutiques and digital stores.

Also, Chico’s FAS strives to build an entirely inclusive online community among customers.


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#3 – Digital-First, Agile Strategy

To reflect their new digital-first priority, Chico’s has begun training leaders with previous digital knowledge and experience to lead the team.

To keep customers safe and healthy amid the pandemic, Chico’s has also implemented BOPIS shopping methods and virtual appointments – making it all much easier to shop with them.

“Because the pandemic is ever-evolving, we are thinking in short bursts, focusing on three months at a time. This allows us to be flexible and to respond swiftly to any situation that may arise,” said Langenstein.

#4 – Customer-First Giveaways/CRM Promos

Recently, Soma held an Everything Starts With You Sweepstakes. Taking their tagline right into consideration, Tell Us Your Story, Soma’s exciting campaign puts the customer center stage – allowing them to communicate with the brand (in up to 250 words) for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Soma campaign.

#5 – Commitment to Sustainability and Women Empowerment

In a recent press release, Soma announced the expansion of their annual Bra Donation program.

“As a brand that is founded, led, and designed by women, Soma is committed to sustainability and helping women in need by giving unwanted bras a second chance,” says Kimberly Grabel, SVP of Marketing, Chico’s FAS, Inc.

“We believe that every woman should feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. Partnering with I Support the Girls further showcases our ongoing commitment to this mission. We know some bras are a little more loved and cannot be donated to a second wearer, so we continue our dedication to keeping bras out of landfills with The Bra Recyclers.”

Especially in today’s unprecedented times – customers support the brands they feel are socially responsible. Chico’s certainly seems to be one of them.

Watch this space for future, deeper analyses of the company’s CRM tactics.

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