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3 Quick CRM Boxes Carter’s is Currently Checking

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  • On the face of it, Carter’s is following CRM best practices in a post-COVID world: Supporting a cause, being helpful, and pledging to D&I

When scrolling through social media, we noticed that Carter’s, the American designer and marketer of children’s apparel, is following some of the most highly recommended practices when it comes to fostering strong and healthy customer relationship marketing nowadays.

(Yeah, that’s what our feed looks like. Problems?)

And so, here’s a quick run-through of how they’re doing it right and what your brand can learn:

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#1 – Support a Cause

Customers are expecting your brand to advocate for a good cause and to give back.

Carter’s recently put its efforts towards recognizing World Down Syndrome Day to raise awareness for children living with Down Syndrome:

#2 – Be Helpful

Carter’s recently welcomed expecting parents to a series of free, live, virtual events on Facebook that will help prepare them for parenthood. Oh, and there were $5,000 gift cards up for grabs!

# 3 – Acknowledge D&I

Though indirectly, Carter’s is calling for an inclusive and diverse workplace. In their Open Positions ad on LinkedIn, they write: “A culture of inclusion and embracing differences is important at Carter’s.”

Takeaway: Nowadays, marketers need to ask themselves, “What is my brand doing to make the world a better place?”, “How have our charitable or extracurricular initiatives helped customers’ lives?” and “What changes and improvements have these efforts had?” etc.

And then to make sure to communicate it all consistently enough to be evident even on an occasional stroll down the LinkedIn feed.

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