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Morrisons: Treating Customer to Delightful CRM Practices

Welcome back to PostFunnel’s 42nd episode of the 7 CRM Commandment Series.

Today, we get to Morrisons Supermarket – the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK.

So, how will they score and rank against the rest of the brands? Let’s take a walk down the aisle.

1. Be Transparent 9/10

On their HP slide banner, Morrisons announces that it will make changes to its Morrisons More card. Customers can click on the banner to learn more about the upcoming changes.

Morrisons recently announced that Amazon Prime Members can now shop from the new ‘Morrisons on Amazon’ store in Stevenston and surrounding areas. The service is free and offers same-day grocery delivery.

“Morrisons on Amazon will build on our partnership with Amazon, making our good quality, great value food even more accessible through and the Amazon app. It will give more customers across Stevenston the option of receiving Morrisons groceries straight to their doorstep, including freshly prepared products from our brilliant Market Street colleagues,” said David Potts, Morrisons Chief Executive.

Though the store’s arrival in Stevenston comes later than in other districts, Morrisons provides customers with all the info they need to shop online.

2. Incentives and Perks 10/10

Bundle Deals, Buy 2 Get 1 Free offers, Online Discounts, and many more promotions are currently running. We noticed a couple of holiday promotions as well. (mentioned in more detail in the commandment below)

Bundle Deals:

Half price discounts:

Morrisons even has an entire Offers page for customers to browse through and choose products from – providing them with plenty of perks and incentives to continue shopping with the retailer in the long run.

How to build your customer model

3. Be Relevant 10/10

For this commandment, we usually check whether brands acknowledge issues that customers currently face. It can be anything from shopping safely due to the pandemic via convenient shopping methods to promoting holidays and events and taking a stance on current societal matters.

Morrisons is acknowledging the above, for example, with click & collect shopping methods:

And “Picnic in the Park” and festive Easter and Ramadan packages:

The Morrisons blog has a Staying at Home section for customers that provides them with “All the inspiration you need to make staying at home a little easier.”

Finally, Morrisons even acknowledges the self-isolating customer:

More on social issues and causes the brand cares for below.

4. Be Helpful 10/10

Seems like Morrisons is doing quite a bit to help the community and its customer base RN:

As of May 10th, Morrisons will be scrapping its More card loyalty scheme and replacing it with an app-based money-off plan. Money-off coupons and personalized discounts will be available via the Morrisons app, which uses scanning bar codes – all great for customers who may be struggling financially.

Finally, this also means the plan goes digital and thus greener.

“With Morrisons More, we are always listening to our valued customers, taking feedback on how we can improve the experience,” said a Morrisons spokesperson.

“What we’ve heard is that you’d like your rewards to be immediate, including discounts and money off your next shop. We also learned that you want to give back to your local community and to support environmental causes by going paper and plastic free wherever possible.”

To further reduce its ecological footprint, starting April 1st, bags will no longer be used for any products picked in store for deliveries or click & collect orders.

5. Realtime Personalization 0/10

For this commandment, we usually check whether the shopping experience is tailored to who the customer is and what they are looking for – therefore making his or her session with the brand more “personal.”

Brands that adopt a truly personalized, customer-centric approach can attribute 33% of their revenue to CRM marketing.

To rate Morrisons’ personalization practices, we created an account, added a payment method, and logged in to add items to our cart.

When pressing the “continue shopping” button after adding items to our shopping cart, we were redirected back to the “web shop” page. Still, the items presented to us were of a wide variety and not necessarily the ones we came to look for.

After adding the items to our cart, Morrisons implemented no upselling or cross-selling techniques.

Finally, when logging off the site, we weren’t retargeted by the brand by any means in realtime.


6. Master UX 7/10

Morrisons has a unique Delivery Pass page where customers can choose when to get their items delivered and the length of time that they want the pass for:

The “shop by aisle” feature also makes it easy for the customer to find what they’re looking for:

However, we deducted points here as it was quite frustrating and inconvenient to have to login to your account first in order to be able to add items to your shopping cart.

7. Leverage Social Media 10/10

On Facebook, Morrisons has a little over 830k likes; on Instagram, they have 262k followers, and on Twitter, they have 333k followers. That’s a solid following.

On all three platforms, they post in high frequency – every few hours – content that’s relevant to their customer base, therefore using their social media platforms for a variety of purposes that are ultimately engaging and community-focused.

Examples of posts that we liked:


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A post shared by Morrisons (@morrisons)

Well done!


Overall, Morrisons Supermarket is getting a 56/70 here (80%), just outside the top 10 and tied with Holland and Barrett and lululemon. That’s certainly an excellent score. However, to realize the full potential of personalized CRM marketing, there’s still some progress that needs to be made within Morrison’s marketing organization – and it’s clear where they should start: realtime personalization.

With 4 perfect 10s and one more 9 – that big round zero on that segment is incredibly resounding.

Here are the full rankings of all the brands we analyzed to date:

  1. Pets at Home91%
  2. Lowe’s90%
  3. Petco90%
  4. Target87%
  5. Uniqlo86%
  6. Paul Smith84%
  7. Vrbo83%
  8. N Brown Group81%
  9. West Elm81%
  10. The North Face81%
  11. Holland and Barret80%
  12. lululemon80%
  13. Morrisons 80%
  14. JD Sports79%
  15. Brooks Running79%
  16. Best Buy78%
  17. Angie’s List 77%
  18. Nando’s75%
  19. Etsy76%
  20. The Body Shop74%
  21. Gymshark73%
  22. William Hill73%
  23. Essence72%
  24. Inditex 71%
  25. Iceland Foods71%
  26. Total Wine & More70%
  27. Tommy Hilfiger70%
  28. Walgreens70%
  29. Kohl’s70%
  30. The White Company69%
  31. United Colors of Benetton69%
  32. Buy Buy Baby68%
  33. Fiverr67%
  34. Next63%
  35. Babbel 63%
  36. Patagonia61%
  37. Express60%
  38. Burberry60%
  39. Zara59%
  40. Treatwell 58%
  41. COS57%
  42. Dream1153%


We publish a new analysis every other week, so watch this space for more brand analyses coming your way!

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