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Introducing Two New Pardot Innovations for Account-Based Marketing

In today’s all-digital landscape, it’s more important than ever for B2B marketers to personalize account engagement with messages that resonate with every buyer. Salesforce Pardot, part of Salesforce Digital 360, enables customers to create a single source of account data across marketing, sales and service. This alignment drives connected digital experiences as part of an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. 

In our Summer ‘21 release launching in June, you’ll have access to two new ABM innovations in Salesforce Pardot to reach more of the right accounts for your business and drive growth. 

1. Engage with the Right Accounts with Einstein Key Account Identification

Use artificial intelligence powered by Einstein to identify accounts in your CRM with the strongest buying signals — empowering you to focus on accounts that will lead to qualified pipeline growth and ultimately increase ROI. 

Einstein will look at buyer engagement data across the account in Salesforce Pardot, along with data from your CRM, to highlight key account characteristics and buyer behaviors that indicate if an account is more or less likely to close. It will tier each account as an A, B, C or D — with A flagging accounts as most likely to close. Einstein will also dig deeper into the data and surface the “why” behind an account’s ranking. 









Einstein identifies top accounts and the key factors that contribute to each tiered ranking.

2. Kick-start ABM Campaigns in Seconds with Accounts as Campaign Members

Once you’ve identified your top accounts, you’ll be able to add them directly to a campaign in Salesforce Pardot — even before you’ve identified the account buyers. 

You can use this feature to run prospecting campaigns with outbound sales reps to identify the right buyers in each target account. This is a game changer that will empower sales reps to help marketing target the right buyers for upcoming campaigns. 

It can also help you target accounts for virtual events before you finalize the RSVP list and automatically sync new account contacts as they’re identified. What other use cases will your team dream up?



Add your accounts to a campaign.

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Einstein Key Account Identification and Accounts as Campaign Members will be generally available in our Summer ‘21 release launching in June. For more details, visit the Salesforce Newsroom.

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