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Charmin Adds a P to NFT

What’s in this article:

  • Charmin launched its first-ever collectible cryptocurrency digital art and has become the “First-ever art by a toilet paper brand”
  • The toilet paper will be auctioned off for charity, and the money raised will go to Digital Relief
  • It’s difficult to take this all that seriously as art as something to be kept is pretty much the antithesis of toilet paper

NFT is a term we’ve been seeing more of lately. It stands for non-fungible token, a unit of data on a blockchain where each NFT represents a digital item. Charmin, the toilet paper brand manufactured by Procter & Gamble, decided to jump on the bandwagon for its brand and play off the TP abbreviation used for its product.

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On March 17, Charmin released a toilet paper themed NFT(P) collection, a work linked to a digital file whose ownership is certified by a cryptocurrency token based on blockchain technology.

It consists of “Three original pieces of digital TP art celebrating Charmin’s mission to help everyone Enjoy the Go both in real life and virtually.” Each roll comes with a physical display “So people can hang their NFT(P) in their bathroom alongside real rolls.”

The three works were each created by a different artist: Donna Adi, Shanee Benjamin, and Made by Radio. Charmin showed the designs in its Twitter feed. Judging by the lack of reaction so far, it will have to make more of a splash to get enough interest to drive up the bidding to impressive heights.

The money raised from the sale of the “First-ever art by a toilet paper brand” via auction will go to Direct Relief. At least it’s all for a good cause, and anyone who wishes to bid can do so from any mobile device.

Rob Reinerman, Charmin Vice President, observed, “We’re always looking to provide the best TP, but a better bathroom experience can expand well beyond the seat. NFT(P) is a fun and playful way to give the biggest Charmin fans a one-of-a-kind virtual version of their favorite roll.”

Still, it’s a little bit difficult to take this all that seriously, as art as something to be kept is pretty much the antithesis of toilet paper, which is something you buy to use and instantly discard.

It may have been more fitting to launch a kind of tongue-in-cheek toilet paper artwork a year ago when toilet paper was hoarded as a valuable commodity. That’s when we saw the #ShareASquare​ campaign (see from Cottonelle. ​

But really you never know. Perhaps there are some people who will bid a lot in the hopes that their one-of-a-kind NFT(P) will appreciate in value down the road. Still, stranger things have happened.

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