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3 Ways CRM Helps Marketers Who Are Working from Home

What’s in this article:

  • CRM platforms optimize marketer workflows and help reach customers in these challenging times
  • Automated processes, team coordination, and realtime reporting are a few ways that CRM can help remote workers in the advertising industry
  • From any location, CRM can help marketers maintain their workflows and even increase their efficiency in the process

COVID-19 brought about many changes to the advertising industry in 2020, one of the most significant being that marketers had to start working from home. Thankfully, tools such as CRM platforms make this transition feasible by restoring marketer workflows and helping us reach customers in these challenging times. Here are a few ways that CRM can help remote workers in the advertising industry.

Automated processes

One of the most crucial CRM features is its ability to automate repetitive tasks so that marketers can focus on high-level processes. When a customer engages with a customer service touchpoint, such as a chatbot or email, the platform will automatically log the interaction. CRM can also generate entire email campaigns and lead generation sequences that contain personalized details. And that’s not even getting into the immense time-saving capabilities of CRM-based data entry.

Whether at home or the office, marketing automation makes it easier to interact with all customers at once while continuing to address individual needs. As a marketer adjusting to new circumstances, this can free you to focus on designing a scalable process without getting bogged down in unnecessary details.

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Team coordination

In a traditional workplace, it can be challenging to communicate with other departments and work towards shared goals. When working from home, this problem amplifies — suddenly, it’s more difficult to coordinate efforts with your own team! While video conferencing tools help with meetings, additional solutions are needed to coordinate tasks concerning specific customers, which is where CRM comes into play.

To begin, CRM unifies customer information in a consistent way and makes it accessible to anyone within an organization. What’s more, team members can share specific information by tagging the relevant parties. This capability makes it far easier for marketing, sales, and customer service teams to move leads along the funnel — and to continue using these workflows while working remotely.

Customer marketing challenges and opportunities

Realtime reporting

If marketers must work from home instead of the office, they need access to up-to-date reports and audience data. Thankfully, CRM platforms can generate reports in real time and make the results available to remote team members. If you need to track campaign performance, customer buying patterns, or sales pipeline effectiveness, these tools ensure you’ll have everything you need.

This detail is crucial not just for remote team members but any marketer working in 2021. In a digital ecosystem where circumstances can change overnight, marketers must be able to find the pulse of customer engagement at any given moment. CRM makes that possible while also ensuring that they can do so safely from home.

Working from home is now the reality for marketing pros, but that doesn’t mean we have to rely on inadequate tools. CRM can help marketers maintain their workflows from any location and even increase their efficiency in the process. And if your workplace does purchase a CRM for this purpose, don’t be surprised if you can’t be without it even after returning to the office.

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