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See How Global Brands Unite to Support The COVID-19 Vaccine

You’d think a vaccination for a global pandemic will not be a dividing topic. But in the world of social media, it is.

That’s why when brands are helping to distribute it, it’s almost as if they ARE taking a political, at least a social, stand.

Anyhow, promoting and supporting the coronavirus immunization’s safety and distribution is a noble cause in our eyes.

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And now, the Ad Council has announced that it seeks to raise $50 Million to educate the public through Ad Council’s research-driven, creative vaccine campaign.

And they are not alone.

Some major brands from around the world have joined forces to support the campaign, while others are finding creative ways to inspire and increase confidence in getting the newly developed vaccine.

Let’s put the focus on a few of them and how they go about it.


For the first time in 37 years – the American lagger company will not be running an in-game super bowl ad. And it has got a purpose.

Instead, the beer brand has chosen to focus its marketing dollars on promoting the COVID-19 vaccination and its distribution.

The following spot, which focuses on strong Americans during the pandemic, was released two weeks before the Super Bowl instead:

According to CNBC, Budweiser will donate a fraction of its advertising airtime for the upcoming year to COVID-19 Collaborative’s Vaccine Education Initiative as well as the Ad Council.


The retail giant has donated $3 Million as one of the Ad Council’s partners to help dish out the vaccine.

“Educating Americans about the vaccines is critical to our nation’s recovery. This effort will have a profound impact on millions of lives,” said William White, Walmart chief marketing officer.

“As the demand for the Covid-19 vaccine continues, it’s critical that large retailers help with the administration of the vaccine.”


Cheers to another beer one. The pub chain and brewery based in Scotland has offered its bars to help vaccinate people for free.


Perhaps a bit more obvious, the UK’s largest pharmaceutical company said it aims to support the government COVID-19 vaccination programme.

“We continue to work closely and are in conversations with NHS England to understand the role that Boots can take in supporting this programme,” said a spokesperson for Boots.

“We would be very pleased to support a programme that allowed our most vulnerable to access the vaccine in a local and trusted environment and have a number of skilled colleagues ready to embark on this historic vaccination programme.”

Other similar responses come from Bank of America, General Motors, Facebook, Google, YouTube, the Humana Foundation, NBCUniversal/Comcast, Salesforce, Verizon, Walgreens, and more.

All of which are also helping themselves along the way, associating themselves with people in a meaningful way – a staple of building customer relationships.

Overall, the world’s largest corporations and foundations have already helped raise $37 Million (of the $50 Million) for the Ad Council to fund the coronavirus vaccine campaign that encourages Americans to get immunized.

“Our nation’s recovery depends on widespread adoption of vaccination against COVID-19, which will require the Ad Council’s most ambitious public education effort ever,” said Lisa Sherman, chief executive of the Ad Council.

“We are so grateful to our generous funders for making it possible to reach millions of Americans and inspire confidence in these lifesaving vaccines.”

In close partnership with COVID Collaborative, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the campaign will be created.

“Americans and their leading institutions always rally together in times of crisis,” said John Bridgeland, Co-Founder and CEO of COVID Collaborative.

“It is a difficult time in the life of the nation, and we are so grateful for the many corporations, associations and institutions that are supporting this critical campaign to engage Americans in their own recovery.”

We are, too, tbh.

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