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Gap Reaches Within for Black History Month

On the first day of February, Gap sent out an email with a link to the landing page for Black History Month that introduced the source of inspiration for the designs. It said:

“In honor of Black History Month, we refreshed the Gap Collective. A tee collection celebrating Black Future, featuring artists within our own community.”

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It went on to introduce three of them with their pictures and quotes. For example, we hear why Tariana Hill, a general manager at Gap, focuses on hair: “My art brings women’s beauty to light. It highlights natural hair as a crown that black and brown women should be proud to display.”

If you go on The Gap Collective section of the site, you get more detail about Hill and another quote. There it’s revealed that in addition to serving as a general manager, she is a multidisciplinary artist and dancer. She also adds this quote:

“I’m here to tell Black stories. To represent everyone. And to show that Black artists matter.”

The one man featured on the email gets to show off his kids, as well as his work and pursuits outside of his Gap job, on the site:

I don’t know if this will help sales, but it is a nice idea to connect with customers by sharing the motivation of the designers. Even though art abstracts, its basis is human experience, and this campaign really conveys that.

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