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For Kohl’s, Business as Usual in February Means Putting Diversity First

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  • Koh’s is clearly committed to portraying full diversity and inclusion among its workplace to better reflect and understand the needs of its customers from various backgrounds
  • For Black History Month, Kohl’s has pledged to bring products that celebrate their differences to customers


Kohl’s is making sure you know they take Black History Month seriously. And so, to celebrate February’s annual observance of African American history and culture, the company has taken the opportunity to partner with black-founded businesses to reflect diversity in its products for all types of shoppers.

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After the BLM protests of last year, it’s nice to see a brand that, instead of taking the easy path and keep business as usual, is doubling down on taking a stance. In a social climate that is still very much sensitive, it’s nothing to take for granted – and a reminder that nurturing a healthy and positive brand perception – a staple in building meaningful customer relationships – is not a sprint.

“We’re committed to creating a culture where everyone belongs; where diversity and inclusion drive innovation and business results while enabling associates and customers to be their authentic selves every single day,” Kohl’s writes on their Careers Page. And this month’s initiatives are backing these words up.

This eventful month, Kohl’s #BlackHistoryMonth Spotlight Collection has been created as part of Kohl’s Diversity Design Council. The idea is that products need to come from an authentic place in order to attract and retain more diverse customers.

A lot of deep saturated tones, such as different shades of brown, were used in the collections to empower, celebrate, and bring a sense of pride for customers.

With its diverse design team’s help, Kohl’s has also created a brand-new collection of shirts and accessories to serve all families who come in all shapes (colors) and sizes. It’s great for customers and helps showcase the creativity and unique talent among its team.


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Furthermore, the brand seeks to represent equity, diversion, and inclusion in its wellness market. The Kohl’s Wellness Market carries health and wellness essentials with personal care products from SheaMoisture, MIXED CHICKS, Hustle Clean, and more.

Kohl’s hopes that through the work of multiple communities and various backgrounds, customers will gain a feeling of unity and acceptance.

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