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Perfect Spotify Playlist Collabs

Not sure exactly how long to boil your spaghetti? Of course, you could just watch the clock or set a standard kitchen timer. But Barilla’s solution is more fun: a playlist timer.

The Italian pasta brand teamed up with Spotify to create eight playlists featuring Italian artists that span a variety of genres like pop, hip-hop, and indie. Each song also gets its own pasta-themed cover art.

Those with Spotify accounts can hear them all by clicking the links below:

Mixtape Spaghetti

Boom Bap Fusilli

Moody Day Linguine

Pleasant Melancholy Penne

Best Song Penne

Top Hits Spaghetti

Tiimeless Emotion Spaghetti

Simply Classics Linguine

Perfect for these stay-at-home times when many are cooking more often than usual!

Each song is between nine and 11 minutes long, depending on which form of pasta it’s paired with. That is time from which the pasta has been added to the rapidly boiling pot – not total cook time (just to clarify for complete pasta novices).

That’s not the only collab that Spotify has recently launched.

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To produce new podcasts and tell fascinating stories, award-winning filmmaker, Ava DuVernay, partnered with Spotify recently too.

“Recognizing the undeniable power of voice and sound, I’m thrilled to extend Array’s storytelling into the realm of podcasts. The opportunity to work with Lydia Polgreen [Gimlet’s managing director] and her passionate team drew us to Spotify as a home for our audio narratives and we couldn’t be more excited to begin this new creative journey,” DuVernay said.

While the Australian Road Safety Foundation teamed up with Spotify to create the Slow Down Songs campaign with Queensland’s leading musicians to geotarget drivers within school zones.

“Every school day, our children are in danger. Despite higher visibility in signage and crossings, many drivers still speed through school zones, often ignoring the 40km speed limits in place,” Brother & Co creative director Andrew Thompson says. (The agency that worked with Spotify to develop the campaign)

Spotify has a global emerging artist program called RADAR, too. It recently announced Flo Milli as the newest U.S. RADAR artist.

“I’m grateful that I’m a part of this program and being that I’m putting out a song right now,” Flo said about being announced as the new RADAR artist. “I think it’s cool to tie that in and it’s a dope way to start off.”

These are all great initiatives that the audio and music streaming brand has created! Exciting to see what creative solutions are coming next.

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