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Fashion Brands Email with Empathy and a Positive Outlook

For 2020, brands sought to build a connection with their customers based not only their products but on shared aspirations and good works, something they reflect on as we enter a new year.

Just like every year, the last quarter was dominated by a barrage of promotions to buy for the holidays followed by the post-holiday sales. But this year, there is also another aspect to emailed communication at the end of December, as exemplified by fashion brands Boden and ModCloth.

Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you.

That was the subject line for Boden’s end-of-year email. It packed in a number of components.

As indicated by the subject, it did begin by thanking the customers who participated in social sharing and a count of all the downloads for children’s activities. It then proceeded to a point of mutual credit connected to the dollar amount of goods donated to needy people in the United States. It also gives itself a pat on the back for being recognized for its ethical standards.

Finally, it turns its attention to looking forward to the future with new fashions. It adds in the incentive of a reward of gift cards tied to purchase amount.

It then adds in the postscript it has been including on all emails since early spring: An observation of business continuing under unusual circumstances that can delay delivery and a link to all COVID-19 related questions.

What a difference a year makes.

That was the subject ModCloth used for its end-of-year emails. Like Boden, it worked in a humblebrag of its accomplishments over the year, though its message was packed into a single infographic that focused on numbers:

ModCloth counts Slack messages and dinosaur searches rather than downloads of activities, but it also touches on the company and its customers coming together for charity and adds a stress on its commitment to serving its customer base.

Both companies here say they’re about more than just selling clothes and seek out to connect with their customers on the communal and emotional level.

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