Check out what we’ve been up to at SyncSmart

Since going live in August 2020, the SyncSmart team has been hard at work bringing HubSpot users (like you!) various apps and integrations. The main goal of each? Helping you get the most out of your data to boost your sales, marketing, service, or financial capabilities (in some cases, all four!)

Curious to learn more? Here’s a quick recap of what the team – backed by the Lynton parent brand – has been up to. 

The Latest SyncSmart Apps and Integrations

CheckoutHQ – The latest member of the SyncSmart family is CheckoutHQ. CheckoutHQ allows users to enable light eCommerce on their sites. Build a checkout flow or quoting tool by pulling your products into a searchable library template, customizing your styles and checkout forms, and enabling your stripe integration. Start creating orders in hours, not days, with this easy-to-use app.

Custom Objects HQ – Custom objects in HubSpot let you store essentially any data that is unique to your business. The Custom Objects HQ app allows users to create and edit up to 10 custom objects in HubSpot without a developer. You can set your object’s display name, associations, and properties in just a few short steps.

ConnectWise + HubSpot – ConnectWise provides software for technology solution providers to help them run their business, deliver their services, secure their clients, and build their staff. Some of their solutions include IT documentation and quote and proposal automation. With the ConnectWise and HubSpot integration, you can sync your ConnectWise data to your HubSpot portal. Use the integration to reach your contacts at the right time by segmenting and marketing to them through HubSpot, based on your ConnectWise data. Data that syncs includes customer status, assigned sales rep, and more.  

Wix + HubSpot – SyncSmart’s Wix + HubSpot app was built for Wix website users looking to ramp up their inbound marketing strategy by tapping into HubSpot’s tools. The app helps Wix website users get the data they need through form submissions to elevate their sales and marketing efforts.  The app automatically installs the HubSpot tracking code to embed forms, syncs Wix data to HubSpot, and generates and updates Wix contacts in HubSpot.

HubDB HQ – HubDB HQ was built by SyncSmart’s developers who use HubSpot and its tools like HubDB every day but wanted to streamline the user experience. HubDB HQ provides users a way to edit HubDB tables more quickly, saving time and effort, which can then be put toward more significant picture projects. Features include sorting capabilities, row and column editors, and the ability to edit tables across multiple portals. 

What Else?

SyncSmart also offers packaged and easy-to-install integrations for CRMs and ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Classy. You can browse the entire list of integrations on SyncSmart’s website. If you don’t see your desired integration or app listed, you can always reach out to speak about a customized project here.