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What’s a Sales Dialer and 11 of the Best Tools

Administrative and manual tasks take up valuable time during the day — even when those tasks only require seconds to complete.

Think about it… those seconds add up to minutes throughout the day. And those minutes add up to hours throughout the quarter and year. Time-saving tools and software give reps those hours back — as a result, there’s more time to focus on prospects and deals. An example of one of these tools is a sales dialer.

Sales dialers often have other capabilities as well, such as call recording, integrations, transcription, voicemail drop, and call analysis.

Why use a sales dialer?

Sales dialers save reps time — they accurately and quickly dial numbers and often have other features that make tasks more efficient such as call queues which help prioritize conversations with most-valuable prospects first. Sales dialers increase efficiency and offer value in other ways too — for instance, you may integrate your tool with your CRM so all contacts, records, and data are in a single location.

Sales Dialer Software

There are many sales dialer software options on the market today. Here are 11 of our favorites to help you find the right tool for your team.

1. HubSpot Call Tracker


HubSpot’s Call Tracker allows you to line up an entire day’s worth of calls and prioritize which leads to dial first based on the contact data in your CRM. Not to mention, you can get started with HubSpot for free.

Place and record your calls directly from your browser with no phone required. In one click, you can start chatting with a prospect via VoIP or desk phone — either way, your phone number will appear as the caller ID when you call prospects. Log every call in your CRM to save valuable time and continually add to and maintain contact records.

2. Aircall

aircall sales dialer software


Aircall is a cloud-based call center software that integrates with your CRM, help center, and other apps. It has a number of features across the phone system, call center, analytics dashboard, and integration library to help with collaboration, productivity, and reporting.

One of those features is the Power Dialer which saves you time by assisting with manual processes like compiling lists of contacts, dialing, and entering contact information into your CRM. The dialer can identify a phone number on a prospect’s website and then automatically add that contact to your queue as well as your CRM.

To ensure you have meaningful conversations with prospects, Aircall populates your screen with relevant context about the specific contact you’re speaking to — this way, you can tailor your pitch to their needs as well as any previous interactions you had with them. Lastly, easily take notes, create tags, and set up follow-up steps in Aircall — all information will automatically be added to your CRM.

Integrate Aircall with your HubSpot for advanced inbound and outbound calling in HubSpot CRM, Sales, Service.

3. Kixie Powercall

kixie sales dialer software


Kixie is a sales engagement platform with automated calling and texting designed for remote sales teams — some of the most notable features are automated dialing and texting from your CRM, CRM power dialer, auto dialer, integrations, real-time coaching, and sales leaderboards.

The Intelligent AutoDialer feature triggers calls from your CRM and connects a sales rep to a contact when they convert (e.g. submit a form, search your pricing page, etc.). Assign specific reps to the sales dialer and customize the call flow. The tool uses AI to help reps contact leads at the right number when they’re showing interest. It provides reps with context about the prospect they’re speaking to on their screen while they’re calling and speaking to them. Reps also benefit from Kixie’s click-to-call, call recording, voicemail drop, live coaching, and reporting capabilities.

Integrate Kixie with HubSpot for easily-automated calling & texting for your CRM.

4. RingCentral

ringcentral sales dialer software


RingCentral is a cloud-based phone, message, and video communication and collaboration tool. There’s a Predictive Dialer which uses predictive algorithms and data to connect your team with live prospects. This dialer works for your sales team but also for service and support, market research, and contact centers. There are guided engagement flows that automatically adapt to customer interactions in order to streamline the sales process.

Integrate RingCentral with HubSpot to call, text, and schedule meetings while in HubSpot.

5. JustCall

justcall sales dialer software


JustCall is a cloud-based phone system for remote sales and support teams. The software offers auto, predictive, and power dialers, all of which automate phone calls. These dialers allow you to upload your contact lists, have the system dial numbers for you, and drop voicemails if a contact doesn’t pick up the phone. You’re able to easily review and read call scripts, take notes, tag contacts, and leave ratings about contacts during and after calls. Analyze and report on rep success with JustCall’s reporting and performance metrics.

Integrate JustCall with HubSpot to add a cloud-based phone system with texting automation to your account.

6. DialPad

dialpad sales dialer software


DialPad is a cloud-based, AI-powered communication platform meant for collaboration and building connections. The sales dialer, called DialPad Sell, automates data entry for reps so they can spend their time actually talking to prospects.

The dialer tracks call volume and sentiment to help reps identify highly-qualified leads and teachable moments (for themselves and to share with fellow reps). There are other ways DialPad helps reps learn from one another, too — for example, managers can use playlists to share sales call “greatest hits” to teach the reps about the tactics that are working well among their audience. There are also actionable insights that come from post-sales call analytics and reporting.

Integrate DialPad with HubSpot to connect your business phone system to HubSpot and automate activity.

7. Toky

toky sales dialer software


Toky is a business phone and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system meant for calling or messaging your customers via phone call, app, or desktop. Toky’s power dialer calls customers for you so you can focus on the conversation. Simply upload your contact list and choose the time between each call — then, Toky will dial for you.

The tool automates manual logging and automatically syncs directly with your CRM so all information and data is centrally located. Toky’s power dialer helps mitigate any dialing mistakes as well as monitor your calls so you can review your sales process, support reps, and improve call quality.

Integrate Toky with HubSpot to use your virtual phone system and CRM as a single tool.

8. CircleLoop

circleloop sales dialer software


CircleLoop is a cloud-based telephone service with a wide range of features across different categories including apps and devices (that you can use the software on), phone system, calling functions, admin, analytics and reporting, and integrations.

There are dozens of call-specific features that come with the phone system to cover all of your team’s needs such as inbound and outbound calling, redirects, call recordings, voicemail transcription, and contact sync. One of the many available integrations is with HubSpot, which allows you to use CircleLoop’s native sales dialer in your CRM.

Integrate CircleLoop with HubSpot to make calls and track client communications effortlessly.

9. CloudTalk



CloudTalk is a call center software for sales, support, remote teams, traders, brokers, and ecommerce. There are many features across categories including voice, intelligent call routing, productivity, integrations, reporting, and more. The tool offers a power dialer, a predictive dialer, and a smart dialer.

The power dialer allows you to create sales campaigns using surveys and call scripts to increase the number of calls reps are able to make. The predictive dialer saves reps time when dialing and speaking with contacts by automatically dialing the next call in line when a rep is free to talk. The smart dialer automatically compiles a list of contacts and in one click, it’ll start dialing the numbers for you.

Integrate CloudTalk with HubSpot for an easy-to-use cloud-based phone system with two-way sync, click-to-call, and SMS.

10. Ringover

ringover sales dialer software


Ringover is a cloud-based business phone system that’s ideal for outbound and inbound call centers, remote work, and small businesses. The software has a power dialer and a smart dialer. The power dialer helps small teams make their outbound sales campaigns more effective and efficient by automatically dialing through a manually-set list of contacts.

The power dialer makes an unlimited number of calls and includes reporting capabilities, call monitoring, and post-call qualification time so reps can take notes and prep for their next conversation accordingly. The smart dialer helps you quickly call contacts and team members to boost efficiency and save time. Simply begin typing in someone’s phone number or name and the rest of the contact’s number and information will automatically appear and dial for you.

Integrate Ringover with HubSpot to use your sales, support, and call center phone system from HubSpot.

11. PhoneBurner

phoneburner sales dialer software


PhoneBurner is a power dialer software solution that helps reps dial prospects four-times faster than they would be able to manually. Additionally, the tool automatically leaves voicemails and sends emails for you and helps manage your workflows. PhoneBurner is cloud-based so you can access the power dialer via any device or VoIP.

Set a unique caller ID and choose which contacts the system should dial to quickly begin speaking with leads. PhoneBurner also comes with a CRM so you can keep track of your contact lists, filter leads, and create saved searches to highlight your highest-value prospects all via a single platform.

Sales dialer software has the power to increase efficiency by saving reps time on manual, tedious tasks that they can then spend conversing and building relationships with prospects. Think about which sales dialer features you need when determining which option is most ideal for your team.