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Our Best, Our Most, Our Worst: 2020 in Relationship Marketing Content

Where do we even start to conclude 2020?

We don’t.

instead, what we’ll do is list you everything we published this year that we think you could use in 2021.

And so – here’s PostFunnel’s au revoir to 2020 (and good riddance).

Oh, and before we start – if you want to tell us what YOU liked and hated the most about our content this year, take 60-70 seconds to complete this quick poll.

Top5: Content You Liked The Most

  1. The North Face Marketing Strategy — Overcome Challenges with Human Connections
  2. How Zara Is Helping to Prevent Covid-19
  3. Emily In Paris: 4 Things Marketers Can Learn, and 2 They Should Not
  4. Our B2c CRM (=B2CRM) News Page (we recommend checking it out daily)
  5. Our Marketing Amid Corona Ebook (lots of still super relevant insights)
    Tied with
    Our CRM Only Job Board (updated every Friday)

Bottom 5: Our Least Visited Pages
(and what we learned from it)

  1. Kohl’s Making the Right Moves at the Right Time (Our Data Proves)
    We published more than 260 news items in 2020. Some will get less attention than others. But we think this item was a good one and are not quite sure why it got very little clicks.
  2. £100M for Inclusion
    With this one, we think a more informative title would help. Still, the story in this piece was worth telling we think.
  3. Not Enough Personalization
    This is weird. On one hand, our “7 CRM Commandments” series is very popular. On the other, this piece here at #3, which is an infographic summary of the series’ first 10 episodes, did very poorly. What was it? The infographic itself? The title? The timing? We’ll try again next year, see how it goes.
  4. Podcasts We Loved: July 2020
    This was the first episode of our new “Podcasts We Loved” series. And it went unnoticed. We agree – it wasn’t as good as the ones that came after it (which did much better in terms of getting your clicks).
  5. Our Contact Us Page
    Ah. That’s okay. Not taking it personally (Sure we do).

Adapting to Crisis – Our COVID-Related Content

  1. The Lost Year: What Marketing Looks Like Post-Coronavirus
  2. How COVID-19 Affects Brand Loyalty
  3. Rethinking Customer Retention Strategies in a Post-Corona World
  4. How Operating Remotely Has Shifted Priorities for B2C Companies
  5. 12 Brands That Nailed Their Quarantine Emails
  6. COVID-19: Impact on Data Privacy
  7. Marketing Amid Corona: 3 Crucial Steps You Must Take

More on #MarketingAmidCorona

The Year of the Influencers (i.e., Tik Tok and Everything After)

  1. TikTok’s Influence In 2020
  2. Consumers Engage with Content by Their Favorite Stars
  3. How Influencers Reshape Marketing Strategy
  4. 5 Brands Using Influencers to Strengthen Customer Relationships
  5. The Impact of COVID-19 on Influencer Marketing

Partner Experts (Insights from Optimove Partners)

  1. For Retailers, BLM Should be More than a Hashtag
  2. Let Your Marketing Channels Work for Each Other
  3. The Resurgence in Direct Mail and the Facebook Boycott Marketing Trend
  4. Get Your Data Straight, Before It’s Too Late
  5. The Experts Are Here: Pro Advice to Fight Off the Looming Holiday Season Shipping Chaos

Podcasts We Loved: Handpicked Episodes Marketers Should Listen To

  1. Podcasts We Loved: July 2020
  2. Podcasts We Loved: August 2020
  3. Podcasts We Loved: October 2020
  4. Podcasts We Loved: November 2020

Ads We Loved

  1. Ads We Loved: See How the Biggest Brands Stay Relevant and Helpful
  2. Ads We Loved: The Travis Meal, TikTok, and the Unfinished Billboard
  3. Ads We Loved: Get Politcal or Get Really Political
  4. Ads We Loved: ‘Tis the Season

More New Content Series

  1. Brand Marketing Spotlight: How B2C giants use their brand to fuel relationship marketing
  2. CRM Commandments: Thou shall follow these seven rules for successful customer relationships
  3. The Loyalty Series: From definition to execution, measurement to implementation, technology to culture – here’s how to make Customer Loyalty the priority it needs to be
  4. Marketing 101 TBC DECEMBER

PostFunnel’s Job Board

Launched in late Q3, it still got enough visits to crack our Top5 this year.

We started it because PostFunnel is striving to be the one publication all CRM professionals visit regularly. As such, we understand we need to provide you with more than just analysis and news, but also become more of a one-stop-shop for our audience.

Providing you with a weekly updated list of the most intriguing open CRM jobs around the world we were able to find, is definitely a part of this effort.

Social Media Tips

  1. 3 Brands Winning the Social Media Game
  2. 3 MORE Brands Winning the Social Media Game
  3. 4 Social Media Mistakes That Will Cost You Customers
  4. Tips for Creating Shareable Social Media Content
  5. How to Develop Your Brand on Social Media

More CRM Tips from Optimove

  1. TBC
  2. TBC
  3. TBC
  4. TBC
  5. TBC

2020 eBooks

  1. “Marketing Amid Corona” is a New Paradigm
  2. High Loyalty: The Complete Customer Loyalty Series


  1. How an Insane 2020 Changed the CRM Job Market
  2. We Got A Fiverr Marketer To Tell Us About How Inspiration Can Be a Loyalty Driver
    Part 1
    Part 2

Watch this space for what’s coming in 2021.

Stay safe. Stay hungry.

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