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Kohl’s Making the Right Moves at the Right Time (Our Data Proves)

The pandemic has shifted consumer priority in so many ways, creating new windows of opportunity for brands to open wide and take advantage of. Just over a month ago, we told you about five brands that have moved fast into leading the athleisure space. 

Kohl’s was one of them – perhaps a bit less predictable than the other four on the list – but their new FLX private label is already available in select stores and will be online at in March 2021.


Along with the athleisure trend in today’s global fashion movement, it is evident that consumers continue to seek ways to look and feel good while still mostly at home – and Kohl’s has announced another initiative to answer to customers’ wants and needs. 

Kohl’s reported that it will be investing more into its beauty space – bringing in new brands of makeup, perfumes, nail products, and more. 

In fact, according to a recent article by CNBC, Kohl’s says it plans to triple its sales in beauty at least. To do so, the brand will launch a wide range of personal care products and bring in a greater assortment of cosmetics to its shop called The Wellness Market. 

CEO Michelle Gass said Kohl’s is “highly committed to the beauty category, which is a very large and attractive market.” 

“Our customers want beauty, and given the disruption in the marketplace, we have a real opportunity to introduce new elevated brands to our customers,” she said, adding that they are “in talks with a number of smaller, indie beauty brands.” 


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Kohl’s also just announced that the prestige beauty brand, Sephora, will also be making its way to the department store – opening mini-shops in 850 Kohl’s stores by 2023. 

“We announced one of the most significant new initiatives in Kohl’s history—a long-term strategic partnership with SEPHORA, the largest specialty beauty retailer in the world. I couldn’t be more excited about how we will bring an elevated and transformational beauty experience to millions of customers across the country—by combining Kohl’s expansive reach with Sephora’s unparalleled beauty expertise, prestige product selection, and renowned service,” CEO Gass wrote in a LinkedIn post. 

The Numbers – Data Proves Where Kohl’s Wants to Be 

 Back in March, at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, most industries were battling to retain existing customers. Optimove research suggested that skincare and cosmetics brands have witnessed new customers with a 70% surge in acquisition. A more recent study from Salesforce’s quarterly shopping index states that online sales in makeup and beauty products have increased by 54% in Q3.  

What’s interesting here is that a Media Post article says that brands should practice what PostFunnel preaches: “66% of survey participants are more likely to buy from brands that use technology that recommends new or relevant products that are similar to what the consumer’s shopping to find.” Therefore, customers don’t only love personalization but are also expecting it. 

In another survey by the retail analytics firm, First Insight, conducted on November 11th, out of 1097 consumers who participated, 22% said that this holiday season they plan on buying more beauty products compared to last year. 

To further gear up for the holiday season and prepare for its consumers who are ready to shop, Kohl’s will expand its toy departments that feature the toys in greatest demand. 

In general, it seems like Kohl’s is right on trend in many ways – and that its making sure to let customers know, “One special holiday season is coming…” this year. Will your brand be ready?


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