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Helena Bonham Carter Talks About Dating in 2020 for Bumble 

You don’t have to be single to identify with the delightfully described dating difficulties in “When Dating Met 2020 with Helena Bonham Carter.” The actress’ narrative perfectly captures the struggle of trying to have some kind of social life under the restrictions of a pandemic and then being called to account by family members at holiday gatherings.  

The engaging presentation is, in fact, an ad for the location-based dating app Bumble. The video was just uploaded to YouTube on December 8, and within just a single day received close to 105K views. 

While most of the comments express admiration for Carter, some admit that they feel “so validated” after seeing the video. 

The ad concept was created by The Brooklyn Brothers. Its creative director Cali Oliver shared the thought that went into it: 

“There was an opportunity to do something that showed we understood – something that feels as if it’s for women, by women – and to celebrate this imperfect dating journey that so many people have been on. In showing that truth in a relatable way, you can be encouraging, optimistic and looking forward.” 

They definitely hit on that. I know that some singles I’ve set up struggle with how to meet and date when they want to stay safe and have far less freedom to travel, not to mention fewer venues in which to have the date with so many things closed. (Yes, I’ve had to give some suggestions for what can be done on a Zoom date.) 

Of course, the dating app can’t solve all those problems, though it can help people connect on the virtual level and hope to work out standard dating later. 

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