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From Shipageddon To the Returnageddon

Last month, we gathered some last-minute quotes and stats around the projections for the busiest holiday shopping season ever. So, now’s the time to follow up and determine if the Shipageddon is real and happening.

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And by many indicators, thw answer is, YES!

UPS planned to purchase 50 new planes, and FedEx was hiring 70K new seasonal workers to meet demands.

This holiday season, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is experiencing a historic surge in mail and packages. In response, the USPS had to extend its retail hours during the holidays, expand tracking technology, add new equipment, and lease additional motor vehicles.

“Making sure the right equipment is available to sort, process and deliver mail and packages” is of top priority, according to Kristin Seaver, Chief Retail and Delivery Officer of The Postal Service.

Additional Ware2Go holiday survey findings show:

  • 31% intend to shop within a few days after the holidays
  • 34% plan to shop throughout January
  • 23% will wait 2-3 months before shopping again

Brace Yourself for The Returnageddon

Brands, tune into this: Shoppers plan on making a return after the holidays, and your brand should see it as an opportunity.

“2020 is set to be the worst year on record for retailers with regards to return percentages,” said Sriram Sridhar, CEO at “Every retailer is set to see returns that are 50% to 100% more than they have ever encountered in the past.”

In fact, according to the survey conducted in October 2020 by Ware2Go, an astounding 61% of respondents answered that an online merchant’s return policy is very important to their decision to purchase.

Knowing this ahead of time is an excellent opportunity for your brand to get ready and plan.

Ensure your return policies are adequately put in place on your website’s FAQ page, and avoid making complicated policies to prevent some returns. Customers who have an easier time returning a product and getting a refund are more likely to stick around with you in the future.

Steve Denton, CEO at Ware2Go suggests that “with 63% of consumers planning to purchase from new brands, this holiday season presents an opportunity for sellers to build a new loyal customer base if they meet customer expectations for eCommerce delivery.”

But, above all, don’t see these returns as any negative sign. Extensive research, also from Optimove, proves that customers who return products are more valuable than those who don’t.

All these added communications and engagements are an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

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