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Arm & Hammer Promotes DIY Gifts for the Holidays

When flour is more sought after than flowers, the old FTD slogan is reinvented by Arm & Hammer. As it is 2020, the slogan is rendered into a hashtag: #SayItWithBakingSoda.

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Of course, hashtags imply a plan for sharing. Each share of a picture of one of those gift ideas that features the hashtag earns $1 (up to $25,000) to the children’s charity organization One Simple Wish.

I got an email from the brand with that rather surprising proposition. Along with the picture above, it featured this text:

“We’re always grateful to be home with you to help with your baking, laundry, cleaning, and crafting. As a special thank you this year, we want to help with your holiday gift-giving too by sharing our new ARM & HAMMER™ Say It with Baking Soda gift guide.”

The downloadable PDF contains instructions on turning plain old ARM & HAMMER baking soda into a wide variety of products. The genius here is linking the ideas with one edible product like Holiday Cornflake Cookies and one nonedible one like Relaxing Bath Melts to an appropriate type of recipient.

Those two products are the suggestions for the recipient described as “The Ultimate Multitaskers.”  Quite a number of us fall into that category under COVID19, according to the description: “For the teachers on video calls with 7-year-olds and the parents working remotely.”

There are also more specific types of personalities listed like Holiday Enthusiasts, Risk-Takers, Wellness Warriors, etc., making up eight personas with two gift ideas each for a total of 16 instructions. They all come with full explanation and illustrations, as well as tags like “Good for shipping.”

All in all, it’s a nice idea. Even if recipients don’t intend to use any of these things as holiday gifts, they still look like fun projects or tasty treats that can be enjoyed within one’s own family.

The two main advantages of this campaign are: the surprise factor of the slogan that is bound to attract attention combined with a guide that actually does deliver on its promise with the understanding that one gift does not fit all. The charity idea is nice, as well, given ’Tis the Season for Giving.

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