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What Did You Get Me For Our Anniversary: A Chicken Nugget in Space

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a… chicken nugget! A couple of weeks ago, UK frozen-foods supermarket Iceland Foods sent a chicken nugget off to space as a marketing stunt for its 50th anniversary.

With the help of Sent Into Space – the world’s leading near space flight providers – the nugget made it about one-third of the way to outer space, which begins at about 62 miles above Earth.

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“What better way to show that our products are out of this world than by sending one of our customer favorites into space?” said Andrew Staniland, Iceland’s trading director.

“We’ve all changed the way we shop in recent months, and frozen food has never been so popular. We’re looking forward to continuing to celebrate our 50th year with customers and thanking them for their support.”

This isn’t the first time Sent Into Space blasted food to an altitude of 100K+ feet. Previously sent into space were pancakes, fish and chips, and a pasty by the space marketing company. Yummy!

Though not out of this world – Iceland Foods – which is the UK’s 9th largest grocery shop – found other ways to use promotional CRM tactics to celebrate with its customers on its anniversary.

As previously reported on PostFunnel’s Seven CRM Commandments series, to mark its 50th anniversary, Iceland cut prices by 50% – allowing customers to shop for half price directly from their website. You can still shop some of the big brands and get 50% off, if you’re interested.

Brands Go Big on Anniversaries

Streaming media company, NowTV, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a giant statue of Jurassic Park star, Jeff Goldblum, directly in front of Tower Bridge.

Last year, Coca-Cola celebrated its 100th birthday, or as they put it “100 years of togetherness” with the iconic contour bottle that has become a symbol of pop art.

Food delivery company, Deliveroo, celebrated the 14th anniversary of Friends’ final episode in 2018, allowing customers to order Rachel’s famous custard trifle.

But, hey… just when you think you’ve seen it all – let’s wait and see what 2021 brings us.


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