Using AI to Create Data-Driven Campaigns to Drive Marketing ROI at Wärtsilä

Talk to any B2B marketer about the pain points of their jobs, and you’ll likely hear a common refrain: proving the success of a campaign. Determining the return on investment of a marketing campaign is often a challenge for marketing teams — leaving them scratching their heads and struggling to quantify their success. 

At Wärtsilä, they knew this struggle all too well. 

Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Based in Finland, Wärtsilä manufactures and services large engines and other essential equipment for vessels and power plants worldwide. With clients all over the globe investing in Wärtsilä’s services, sales cycles can last years. 

Wärtsilä’s leaders found themselves with massive amounts of data compiled in multiple systems. The lack of unity in the data made it difficult for the team to see the full picture of their campaign efforts and draw insights from the results. Furthermore, the marketing team had trouble attributing sales success to the campaigns they were implementing.

Knowing they needed a way to connect the dots in their data to measure success and uncover better insights, Wärtsilä’s leaders tapped into Salesforce’s integrated service platform and began using Einstein Attribution to obtain AI-powered insights from their marketing campaigns.

Integrating marketing, sales, and service

Wärtsilä’s data was stored in multiple systems, which proved to be a huge roadblock for their team when trying to draw actionable insights from the results of marketing campaigns. The first step toward successful attribution measurement required integration of their marketing, sales, and service efforts.

Salesforce offered a single platform for all of Wärtsilä’s data. With Pardot, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud working together to compile data into one source, the account teams were easily able to connect data from prospects, accounts, and more with Salesforce’s user-friendly interface. 

“Our campaign attribution was much more difficult before Einstein Attribution came into the picture. We used a home-grown model, working with massive data sets across multiple systems,” said Jaime López, General Manager for Marketing Operations at Wärtsilä and a Salesforce Trailblazer. “Salesforce not only allowed us to dig deeper into our data, but made the user experience seamless and easy to use.” 

Now that Wärtsilä’s teams were able to see all of their data in one integrated platform, they could begin to understand the impact of their campaigns, use those insights to boost sales, and prove the value of their marketing efforts.

Measuring ROI and attributing success

Salesforce’s integrated system gave Wärtsilä the strong foundation they needed to start making sense of their data. With the assistance of AI-powered insights from Einstein Attribution, including the new Data-Driven Model, they can better understand the effects of their marketing campaigns and draw actionable and profitable insights. 

Pardot enables Wärtsilä to dive into micro-level insights to uncover detailed findings about their marketing performance. This magnification of detail gives their team the information they need to have more meaningful conversations and spark new ideas.

“Leveraging Pardot’s B2BMA, we now have a much more complete view of ROI and can dive deeper on conversations at a micro level. Salesforce has taken our massive amounts of data across multiple systems and made it all seamless and easy to use . . . This helps us massively in trimming the sails and adjusting our marketing,” said Lopez.

Using Einstein Attribution, Wärtsilä was able to attribute 7x more revenue to various marketing campaigns when compared to the traditional models they had used in the past. The marketing team was also able to credit 8x more leads in Wärtsilä’s pipeline to their campaigns.

And the value of using Salesforce extends beyond their marketing campaigns. Using Service Cloud, Wärtsilä’s customer support team has been able to resolve cases more efficiently. They’re also able to quantify the impact of their customer service operations — even supporting an additional $150k in sales

Pardot’s user-friendly, easy-to-use platform meant Wärtsilä was able to quickly train 150+ users in 30+ companies. With more team members accessing the company’s data, they can approach their marketing, sales, and service as a unified front. As a result, Wärtsilä is capitalizing on their marketing campaigns to boost sales and accurately measure their success. 

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