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The 7 Best Sales Engagement Platforms For Your Team

As a salesperson, every interaction and exchange you have with a prospect or customer matters. These interactions — also called sales engagements — impact the buyer’s journey, conversions, loyalty, and your bottom line.

These engagements can happen via a number of channels including email, phone, video conferencing software, and social media.

Sales engagement tools have the power to help your team manage these interactions and ensure communication with prospects is effective.

Next, let’s dive into seven powerful sales engagement tools for your team to consider.

1. HubSpot Sales Hub


HubSpot’s Sales Hub is a powerful sales CRM — it includes best-in-class sales analytics, sales engagement, and configure-price-quote (CPQ) tools.

The tool is built for any sales team — whether you have 2 or 500 reps. This sales CRM grows and scales with you, especially since there are four editions of the software with a variety of capabilities (Sales Hub Free, Sales Hub Starter, Sales Hub Professional, and Sales Hub Enterprise).

Sales Hub is unique because it combats the issue of friction which is a natural result of growth. Sales Hub will resolves this problem by:

  • Automating the sales process so reps are able to spend time elsewhere.
  • Giving you complete visibility into your sales team’s success with analytics (which also helps you offer a consistent customer experience).
  • Streamlining and personalizing outreach by keeping your customers at the center of everything you do.
  • Closing more deals faster with CPQ support.

2. Mailshake

milkshake sales engagement platform


Mailshake is a sales engagement and automation software. It’s meant specifically for Sales and Marketing cold email outreach.

Send personalized emails at scale and engage prospects over the phone or social media, all from a single sales cadence and dashboard. The tool also has various third-party and native integrations such as HubSpot so you can easily connect to your CRM, contact database, and other email marketing tools.

3. Hippo Video

hippo video sales engagement platform


Hippo Video is a platform for video personalization and distribution. It supports enterprise companies that are looking to create videos and video workflows for their sales and marketing strategies.

Use the platform to assist with tailored video creation for your account-based selling strategy. Additionally, your videos are a great way to offer support and product education for customers after Sales finalizes the deal. You can also integrate Hippo Video with HubSpot to send video emails to your prospects seamlessly.

4. Clearbit

clearbit sales engagement platform


Clearbit is a platform with a number of capabilities for both your sales and marketing teams — it’s focused on B2B lead enrichment, qualification, and scoring.

The tool helps reps use data to identify qualified prospects and discover where they can find more prospects like them. It then lets reps know when they should reach out to those prospects based on real-time alerts. These alerts may occur when a target account visits your website and searches your products. 

Additionally, you can use Clearbit Enrichment to add contact information to your HubSpot CRM with the platform’s integration.

5. Klenty

klenty sales engagement platform


Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps teams with outreach, email personalization, and follow-up automation.

The tool makes the process of tailoring emails for individual prospects simple. It also uses factors like the last time you sent an email to a prospect or what that prospect’s office hours are in order to determine the right time to send them a message. With Klenty, emails will be sure to land in the inboxes of prospects rather than spam, too.

Integrate sales engagement with your data-based selling strategy with data and insights, team reports, and performance metrics. Sync all of your emails and related actions taken by prospects and customers (e.g, email opens, CTA clicks, email responses, conversations) in your HubSpot CRM with Klenty’s integration. 

6. SalesLoft

sales loft sales engagement platform


SalesLoft is a B2B sales engagement platform for SMBs and enterprise businesses focused on both sales acceleration and customer interactions. The tool has a wide range of capabilities for your entire team — sales leaders, managers, ops, SDRs, BDRs, account executives, marketers, and customer success reps included.

By pairing SalesLoft with a CRM, like HubSpot (which integrates with the platform), you can automate, personalize, and sync rep-to-prospect communication — whether that communication takes place over email, phone call, social media, video, etc.

7. PipelineDeals

pipelinedeals sales engagement platform


PipelineDeals is a platform and CRM that manages sales productivity and engagement for SMBs. The tool organizes all parts of your sales pipelines in a central, customizable list for easy access.

There’s a daily agenda that builds itself to save reps time and ensure they know which prospects or accounts they should engage that day. The tool makes all follow-up communication easy, streamlines the processes of crafting and sending sales and marketing emails, and segments your customers. It’s also mobile-friendly so your remote team can easily access the information they need from anywhere.

Choose Your Sales Engagement Platform

There are a number of great sales engagement platforms available today — review their features and capabilities to determine which option aligns best with your team and goals.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in February 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.