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Miller Lite Celebrates Cancelled Office Holiday Parties

Not having to endure holiday parties? I’ll drink to that!

If your response to your employer’s canceling the annual holiday party is “Shew, I dread going every year!” you are not alone. Now there’s a survey to prove it.

In the announcement of its farewell to the work holiday parties campaign and art installation, Miller Lite Beer shares the findings of an ENGINE INSIGHTS survey in which over half of full time workers said they shed no tears over the loss of these parties, and if given the choice 70% would prefer time off to a holiday party.

Miller Lite considers this a cause for celebration, Courtney Carter Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite, declares: “Not having to make awkward small talk or being forced to take photobooth pictures with co-workers is a holiday gift in and of itself.”

As an introvert, I agree wholeheartedly.

To drive home the silver lining of what we’re missing this year, Miller Lite teamed up with visual artist, Alex Prager, to construct the “cringiest moments” associated with holiday parties. See the commercial here:

The awkward gathering made up of the life-like sculptures in an office setting is contrasted with the warmth and friendliness of real people gathering in a home (fewer than 10, so don’t get on their case, Governors).

The 15 sculptures starring in the first part of the commercial are now starring in an art installation on display outdoors at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Nov 21, 2020–Jan 3, 2021 and in a virtual experience at

Now I know that I don’t speak just for myself but for over half when I said, “I’m so glad not to have to attend one of these things in real life.”

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