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Conference Call Makeup in a Click

One of the things The Jetsons got right about its vision of the future was the use of video in calls. It also got right that not everyone always wants to show her face. Jane Jetson’s solution was a full-face mask (not the kind we’re wearing when physically among people) to appear neatly made up and coiffed.

Indeed, the top comment on that video clip on YouTube is: “Now that everyone is working from home due to Covid-19, this should be a thing…”

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Loreal Paris realized the problem of living at a time when “Our cameras are always ON.”
It addressed the topic by launching a new line of virtual makeup it calls Signature Faces.

See its video on the brand’s site or on YouTube.

With a modern take of turning lemons into lemonade, the makeup brand declares that it

“embraces our new digital lifestyles and creates looks that can only be achieved online, unlocking a whole new experience of modern makeup.”

That gives users all the fun of experimenting with filters built around three themes and awesome new looks. Of course, without having to get out the tubes and brushes or wash everything off afterwards. It’s like magic, and that’s exactly how the brand describes it:

“Undefined by physical limits, a range that breaks the boundaries of classical makeup to sign your digital look with confidence & audacity… achieve the impossible in one click.”

To cover all bases, L’Oreal Paris has set up filters under the handle @lorealparis that bring up Signature Faces looks on both Snapchat and Instagram. It even added in an option that works on Google Duo for video calls on that platform.

So, you can leave your masks for going out and just click on your face for your video calls. Jane Jetson would have loved it.

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