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AE & Disney Partner for a Special Holiday Collection

Disney returns to its mousy roots in promoting its partnership with AE (American Eagle). The screen shot below comes from the video that plays above the product line on American Eagle’s site.

Mickey reprises some of his moves from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in this shot. But the appeal is meant to be very contemporary with TikTok stars, Addison Rae and Wisdom Kaye, appearing in the campaign.

“Follow Your Dreams” the quintessential Disney theme is what defines the campaign, according to the Women’s Wear Daily(WWD) report on it. Chad Kessler, American Eagle global brand president, explained why they believe the theme is appropriate now:

It’s obviously been a challenging year. Kids did not have the year that they planned and we’re all learning how to live and work in this new time. We really wanted this holiday to be all about optimism and connection and togetherness, reminding people that there’s a lot to be hopeful for, reminding ourselves that we have a lot in common.

American Eagle is not only promoting the special line on their site and on social media but creating a virtual store, as well. Kessler explained to WWD that the brand set up “an augmented-reality store on Snapchat.”

This goes beyond viewing a catalog on the screen and recreates what Kessler describes as “a 3-D store experience.” That means that shoppers can use their phone to browse through products set up as they would be in a physical store.

The store closures caused by the pandemic did have an impact on sales and profits for the AE brand this year. On top of those losses, the company had to undertake “$15 million of COVID-19 related expenses and restructuring charges.”

Certainly, while many are still shopping over their phones rather than going in person to browse at stores, it makes sense to invest in enhancing the virtual experience. Perhaps Mickey will be able to use his sorcerer’s hat to work some holiday sales magic for the brand.

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