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Vote for Doughnuts

Many brands have tried to connect with customers by reminding them to vote in this year’s election, but one is sweetening the deal.

As soon as we hit fall 2020, brands were getting on board with messages to their customers, urging them to vote. It became so blatant that the Atlantic published Why Is Uber Begging Me to Vote?

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“The trend seems to be a logical outgrowth of the widespread activist marketing that reached a fever pitch this year,” it noted.

Do people really need to be nudged to vote? According to the figures cited by the article nearly half of us don’t. Four years ago, not even 56% of those with the right to vote exercised it.

Now we’re in the home stretch of the highly anticipated Election Day 2020. In fact, it has already begun with many places extending voting earlier to help avert crowding conditions as COVID19 still remains a threat.


While most brands simply remind us about the election and urge us to fulfill our civic duty, Krispy Kreme decided to actively reward voters. The delicious donut maker just announced that those who voted won’t only get an “I voted” sticker but also a free Original Glazed doughnut on November 3.

Given early voting, I’ve already seen some of my acquaintances share selfies wearing such stickers (in one case on their masks). That kind of social sharing is what the doughnut chain is hoping to capitalize on, realizing the ROI on the freebie in extra exposure.

It said so explicitly in its press release: “Share how you’re enjoying a FREE Original Glazed Doughnut on Election Day and your civic pride by using #KrispyKreme and tagging @krispykreme.”

Perhaps next time around, it will play up the theme even more by allowing its customers to cast their vote for their favorite doughnut.

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