Shopify Partners with TikTok

We’ve seen how major brands have capitalized on TikTok’s reach; now Shopify is making it easy for the smaller eCommerce businesses to get a piece of that action, too.

Using the title, Dancing to a new beat: Shopify brings commerce to TikTok, Shopify just announced “a first-of-its-kind commerce partnership” with TikTok for Business. Now eCommerce sellers can set up and link their TikTok For Business account in Shopify that allows them to “deploy In-Feed shoppable video ads directly within Shopify.”

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It sounds easy enough for anyone to do it even with any video experience. The retailer chooses which items to highlight, the templates on the platform can pull in their images and videos to generate a video ad that will take viewers directly to their Shopify stores to purchase.

The plan is for the two platforms to work together “to test new commerce features over the coming months that will further empower merchants to expand their paid and organic reach in video and on profiles.” They also plan to roll out the feature beyond the US in 2021.

Satish Kanwar, Vice President of Product at Shopify, observed how valuable the channel can be for engaging customers:

“TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment platforms with over 100 million highly engaged users in the US alone. The TikTok channel means Shopify merchants – even those without a strong TikTok following of their own yet – can connect with these new audiences using content that feels authentic and genuine to the TikTok experience.”

The news is fantastic for those smaller businesses trying to gain customers in the Gen Z market who don’t have the budgets to launch major marketing campaigns to gain their attention.


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