Announcing the New Pardot Feature Release Schedule

A few years ago, Pardot users were used to dozens of different feature releases launching throughout the year. In 2018, we consolidated our feature release schedule to a cadence of six releases a year. In the time since, our customers and partners have been able to follow our more streamlined release schedule — but we’ve heard that even six releases per year can be a lot to keep up with.

That’s why Pardot is excited to announce that we’re further simplifying our release schedule, moving from six releases a year to just three. We’re still innovating at the same pace as before, but this new release schedule allows us to align with the three major annual Salesforce releases. It removes the complexities of managing Pardot-only releases, giving our customers and partners more time to review and adopt features.


The newest Pardot feature release is Winter ‘21 — and it’s available now, along with the Salesforce Winter ‘21 release. Future Pardot feature releases will also be aligned to the Salesforce major release schedule, so the next release will be Spring ‘21. Visit our Releases page to learn more, and join us for a virtual session where we’ll overview key Winter ‘21 features on October 28th. 


Over the past two years, we’ve learned more frequent releases mean a heavier lift for everyone involved — our internal teams, external partners, and especially our customers. It takes a lot of effort to get ready for new feature releases. After conversations with our partners and customers, we’ve decided to align with the three major Salesforce releases. This will make planning, training users, ensuring organizational alignment with Salesforce admins, and adopting new features easier for everyone.

If you have questions or comments about Pardot’s new feature release schedule or our Winter ‘21 release, please reach out to us on LinkedIn or Twitter.