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3 MORE Brands Winning the Social Media Game

Last week, we took a look at three brands that were absolutely killing it on their social media accounts. But with so many stellar examples out there, we weren’t content to leave it at that. These brands carved out niches for themselves on their respective platforms while offering something entirely different for followers.

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Tasty started as a video offshoot of Buzzfeed and evolved into a separate entity and social media juggernaut in its own right. Described as “snack-sized videos and recipes,” Tasty’s videos kicked off the widespread video recipe trend and showed us all how to make social media videos that people actually want to watch.

So how did Tasty make comfort food recipes so exciting? A series of videos with high production values, impeccable timing, and easy-to-follow instructions. Tasty’s videos are perfect content for when you’re mindlessly scrolling through your feed, and the brand has become so popular that it now has several spinoffs of its own – along with a line of cookbooks, branded kitchenware, and over a hundred million followers on Facebook.

Taco Bell

What is it with fast food and social media? While some companies struggled to adapt to modern communication methods, companies like Wendy’s and Arby’s have nailed the tone, humor, and pop culture references that millennials and Gen Z love.

Over on Snapchat, meanwhile, Taco Bell got weird. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2016, Taco Bell created a branded Snapchat filter that replaced users’ faces with a taco. The result was hilarious and hideous in all the right ways – NY Mag called it “the worst Snapchat filter I have ever seen” with “the can’t-look-away quality of all great train wrecks.” Love it or hate it, the taco face got people talking, as the lens was viewed 224 million times in just a week. Taco Bell built on the momentum and continues to release new Snapchat lenses regularly.


The Glossier beauty brand officially launched in 2014, but it really started picking up steam in 2018. This growth is partly due to a smart social media strategy that’s gained a cult-like following, along with nearly three million Instagram followers. A big part of Glossier’s success is brand authenticity, with every pic staying true to its “beauty inspired by real-life” tagline. Glossier’s beauty is aspirational, but it’s also achievable, with social media posts telling followers they’re okay as they are.

That’s not Glossier’s only secret to success; it also makes an effort to connect with its community, often showcasing videos and images from customers. Not only does Glossier build relationships with followers through Instagram, but this practice lets those followers connect online, creating a dedicated community of beauty fans.

In Sum

On the surface, these three brands have almost nothing in common. But there’s a theme to their social media success: these companies keep their audiences engaged with creative, brand-consistent posts that make the most of their individual platforms. When crafting your own social media campaigns, consider which platforms best serve your brand and allow you to connect with audiences in an authentic way. Then go ahead and take a shot at it.

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